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A 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit
Helping people, not just in
Wisconsin, but all over the country!

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Wildd Changes Lives
Let the Transformation Begin.

From frustration and isolation to hope and happiness, the Wisconsin Institute for Learning Disabilities/Dyslexia (WILDD) helps students excel academically and achieve higher levels of self-confidence.

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WILDD Global™
Anywhere Instruction

Experience the convenience of WILDD Global™, our distance-learning program. Whether you are at home, at the office, or on vacation – successful language therapy is just a click away.

Free Consultations
We're Here to Help

WILDD offers free consultation appointments so you can speak with a professional consultant about your needs and learn about our services.

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School District Partnerships
School District Partnerships
Partnering for success

WILLD provides effective Scientific Researched Based Intervention (SRBI) and Progress Monitoring (PM) to school districts throughout the USA, helping to close the achievement gap among students.

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WILDD Knows Dyslexia

What makes the Wisconsin Institute for Learning Disabilities/Dyslexia (WILDD) so effective?

Our approach was developed by a special education teacher who is also dyslexic. Erv Carpenter, our co-founder and Executive Director, was diagnosed with dyslexia at 32, and has since grown to be a nationally-recognized speaker, dyslexia expert, and the creator of the CLASS™ academic therapy.

With 30+ years of teaching experience in special education, certifications, and service to multiple Dyslexia Centers, Erv, and co-founder, Kim Campbell-Carpenter, have dedicated their lives to helping people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities, regardless of family income. Their goal is to restore opportunities to others like themselves.


WILDD Achieves Results


The graph to the left displays the average performance of our students before beginning at WILDD (their “baseline” scores) as compared to their average performance after consistent attendance at WILDD for three years. For more information about specific testing items or our students’ achievement, please visit our Results page.

Who can benefit?

Adults and Children

WILDD serves a diverse mix of students, from ages 7 and up, with a wide range of learning needs.

Contact us for more information here.


At WILDD, we understand that there is no greater frustration than to watch your child struggle. Check out our resources page for more information on dyslexia.


Companies have found that investing in their employees’ education allows for increased internal promotion and a reduction in costly re-training. Let us work with you to strengthen the skills of your workforce and maintain a healthy bottom-line.

Contact us for more information here.

Veterans and Counselors

WILDD is proud to honor veterans by helping them be successful in all that they do.

Learn about attending WILDD as a veteran here.



WILDD is here to assist schools in their important work with students. Whether it is through our CLASS™ Teacher Training program, where we can help educators identify signs of dyslexia and implement effective teaching strategies, or through our Academic Therapy program, where we can work one-on-one with specific students, WILDD is here to help!

Read about CLASS™ Teacher Training

Contact us for more information here.


Correctional System

Did you know that, on average, youth in correctional institutions can often only read at a third grade level or lower? The learning assistance that youth receive from WILDD not only boosts their self-esteem, but also lowers the likelihood of repeat offences and can make a tremendous difference in their obtaining and maintaining a future career.

DVR Counselors and Consumers

WILDD has a long-standing relationship with DVR, aiding their efforts to increase the workforce opportunities of their consumers by assisting them in overcoming their learning challenges.

Learn more about applying for DVR services

Learn more about starting WILDD with your DVR client

Give to the Scholarship Fund

Your donation to the Erv & Kim Carpenter Scholarship Fund will enable a low-income child to reach their full potential.



Support our mission to help end illiteracy. Volunteers provide assistance and support to WILDD staff, and are a critical key to our success.


Become an Instructor

Experience the joy of helping clients with dyslexia. WILDD provides free CLASS™ certification to qualified instructors.

Learn more