CLASS™ Teacher Training

WILDD has a long history of providing special education to students, so teachers, of all kinds, are near and dear to our heart. As part of our mission to reach as many students as possible, school partnerships are a key component to our success. Consider us a partner in your students’ education. There are several ways we can work together:

  • IN-SERVICES for you and your colleagues.  This can help you better identify potentially dyslexic/specific learning disabled students and gain additional knowledge for discussions with school administration about referrals for testing.  We have developed a quick guide to help with this identification.
  • CLASSROOM PRESENTATIONS to help students understand the paradox of their peers who may be unable to read, write, or do math, despite their average to high intelligence.
  • TRAINING and certification in the CLASS™ method of academic therapy.
  • RESOURCES for you to share with parents or colleagues when you suspect that a child might be dyslexic/have a specific learning disability.

WILDD CLASS™ can provide the following attributes to any school district:

  • Keep students in their school districts.
  • Keep valuable dollars in their school district’s budget.
  • Parents of specific learning disability (SLD) students feel as if they have a positive choice and control over their child’s success.
  • Parent’s loyalty is established and maintained.
  • CLASS™ works with (SLD) and At-Risk students.
  • CLASS™ assists in closing the Achievement Gap within your school district.
  • Keeps FTE in your school district.
  • CLASS fits well within the mandates of Response to Instruction (RTI) laws.
  • Connects districts with students in and around the nation via Distance Learning.

We’re here to help!  See our results and our client stories and testimony for a better understanding of how the CLASS™ method can turn dyslexic/SLD learners into independent learners. If you are interested in the WILDD Teacher Training, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.