Over the 15 years we’ve been serving our students, we’ve seen WILDD students make incredible gains. To the right, you’ll find a cumulative report of our students’ progress over time. Of course, progress can’t always be measured with a number–if you want to hear directly from our students and families about their experiences with WILDD, check out our Testimonials.

Our clinical staff measure our students’ progress with the most recent edition of the Woodcock-Johnson Test of Achievement.

SS= Standard Score

The student’s performance expressed on a continuum compared with nationwide averages, where scores of “100” represent the median of “average” nationwide peer performances.

Average Student Scores by Skill

Word ID: Measures the ability to identify and pronounce words correctly.

Spelling: Measures the ability to correctly spell orally presented words.

Spelling Sounds: Measures ability to spell non-words which conform to English spelling rules.

Reading Vocab: A two-part subtest measuring ability to read words and supply appropriate synonyms or antonyms.

Basic Reading Skills: An aggregate measure of word identification and word attack—the ability to read non-words that conform to English spelling rules.

Broad Reading: A comprehensive measure of reading achievement based on comprehension, word identification and fluency.

Word Attack: A measure of the test subject’s ability to read non-words that conform to English spelling rules.