CLASS Teacher Training

At WILDD, we strive to support educators and give them the tools they need to succeed with all students. As a part of our mission to reach as many students as possible, school partnerships are a key component to our success. We are able to provide short-term and ongoing professional development services for you and your colleagues, including:

  • Employee In-Services

An in-service designed for teachers and staff members to provide an introduction to dyslexia, as well as information helpful in identifying students with dyslexia.

  • CLASS Training and Certification

In-depth teacher training in the CLASS method of language remediation, culminating in certification.

We can also provide you with resources to share with parents or colleagues when you suspect that a child is exhibiting potential signs of dyslexia.

For inquiries about teacher training, please contact our offices at

“Our district has been implementing the CLASS intervention for over six years, and we now have at least one certified CLASS instructor available to deliver this instruction at each grade level within our district. This has been of great benefit to our students, as they can continue their intensive intervention work at their individualized pace throughout their time in our district. It also allows for common language to be spoken among our staff and ongoing effective collaboration to meet the specific needs of our students.

We think very highly of WILDD and we strongly support their teacher training program, as we have seen firsthand the benefits it can provide staff, students, and the community.”

-Deb Langrehr, Director of Special Education and School Psychologist (Cuba City, WI School District)