WILDD Diagnostic Services

Our highly qualified and experienced team of compassionate professionals has dedicated their expertise to WILDD’s mission of helping you take your first steps in identifying the problems that have overshadowed your or your child’s many strengths.


Why get an evaluation?

When provided with a diagnosis, children and adults identified with learning disabilities/dyslexia may be permitted access to academic therapy programs by their school, employer, or Chapter 31 veteran’s benefits. A diagnosis can also allow the student to receive special accommodations for school or work, grant/scholarship funding, and other types of assistance. 

Can you help me decide if I need an evaluation?

WILDD offers free consultations to help you decide if a psychoeducational evaluation is right for you or the struggling learner in your life. Complete an inquiry form, or call our office at (608) 371-9602, and a WILDD staff member will be happy to assist you in completing your inquiry form and scheduling your free diagnostic services consultation. You can also take our non-medical Dyslexia/SLD Self-Assessment here if you are an adult or here if you’re inquiring for a child.

What does the evaluation process involve?

After you’ve decided to initiate the evaluation process, you will:

  • Submit your application (received at your initial consultation) and down payment.
  • Select dates for your two testing sessions (each session can last up to 4 hours).
  • Choose to either come to our offices to complete your diagnostic in-person, or virtually at a distance.
  • If coming in-person, parents should accompany minors to our offices, but will be asked to wait outside of the testing area
  • Meet with our staff psychologist and executive director to review the results.

What will I receive after my evaluation?

After analysis, a comprehensive psychoeducational report of findings will be provided for you. Your psychoeducational report will include:

  • If applicable, the student’s diagnosis
  • Background information about the individual, including medical, social-emotional, educational and/or vocational histories, as well as any previous evaluations
  • Behavioral observations and impressions
  • Criterion for the diagnosis of Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Numerical results from the academic achievement and cognitive assessments, along with detailed explanations and interpretations
  • Detailed recommendations for any identified learning difficulties, as well as referrals for any additional testing of areas of concern that extend beyond the scope of the evaluation

PLEASE NOTE: Completion of a psychoeducational evaluation at WILDD does not guarantee a diagnosis of any kind, even if a previous diagnosis may exist. Our team uses the most recent diagnostic criteria to make these determinations.

Do I need a diagnosis to start services at WILDD?

Regardless of whether or not you have a diagnosis, WILDD is here to help! Our effective academic therapy program has proven successful for students with or without a diagnosis of dyslexia or other learning disabilities. Our instructors work to promote self-awareness to help students better understand the nature of their learning needs and realize their true potential.


Frequently Asked Questions