Written Expression

WILDD’s “Written Expression” services primarily focus on instruction in grammar, writing structure and style, and building vocabulary. Written Expression covers what is typically thought of as “standard” writing instruction, centering on the composition of fluent sentences, paragraphs, and prose. Like our Language Remediation and Math Remediation programs, Written Expression follows a systematic, unit-based curriculum that the instructor individualizes to meet each student where they are. Written Expression can be taken as a remedial program to help the student “catch up” in their writing, or it can be used as a supplemental English tutoring program for students who wish to get ahead or explore writing from a structural standpoint. Just as with Language Remediation, Written Expression instructors utilize multisensory methods with their students, making this an appropriate service for students with dyslexia/SLD’s.

How is Written Expression different from Language Remediation?

Language Remediation services center on the structure of individual words–how the sounds and shapes within words combine to make meaning. Written Expression moves beyond individual words, focusing on how to create grammatically correct and effective writing. Whereas Language Remediation is typically used to correct a deficit in word recognition and creation, Written Expression can be used to supplement a traditional English curriculum, prepare for the type of writing required by standardized K-12 and college examinations, or enhance an already-fluent writer’s technical skills. 

Who can take Written Expression?

Like all of our services, our Written Expression is individualized for every student. Therefore, Written Expression is appropriate for students of many ages and ability levels. Before beginning Written Expression services, students should have a basic level of reading and writing fluency. We typically recommend that students with low levels of reading and writing fluency undergo Language Remediation for a minimum of two terms before taking on Written Expression. If you’re uncertain of the student’s level of reading and writing fluency, please contact us for assistance.

Should I take Language Remediation or Written Expression first?

As every student is different, we typically recommend instructional strategies on a case-by-case basis. However, Written Expression is designed to be a logical extension of the Language Remediation program–after students learn the structure and usage of individual words, they are better prepared to learn how to use those words in writing composition. Though we usually recommend undergoing Language Remediation prior to Written Expression, advanced students may wish to take both simultaneously or skip ahead to Written Expression. If you’re unsure about which service is appropriate for you, please contact us for assistance.

How will I meet with my Written Expression instructor?

Every student at WILDD meets individually with their instructor in real-time via video conferencing software. Students and instructors are able to see and hear each other, and can work together simultaneously off of a shared online whiteboard. Students will never complete offline or out-of-class assignments as a part of their instruction at WILDD. (See “Technical Requirements” for more information about necessary equipment.)