Below, you’ll find informal and scholarly resources with more information about dyslexia, learning disabilities, and literacy. If there is a resource we have not listed that you’ve found to be helpful, educational, and inspiring, please contact us and let us know!




  • Shaywitz M.D., Sally. (2003). Overcoming Dyslexia: A New and Complete Science-Based Program for Reading Problems at Any Level.  N.Y. Alfred A. Knopf, New York.  Recommended for adults, parents, and teachers seeking a science-based explanation for dyslexia and an understanding of how the dyslexic brain processes information.

  • Gillingham, A. and Stillman, B. W. (1997). The Gillingham Manual: Remedial Training of Children with Specific Disability in Reading, Spelling, and Penmanship.  (8th Edition), Cambridge, MA: Educators Publishing Service.

  • Rome, P.D. and Osman, J.S. (1993).  Language Tool Kit.  Cambridge, MA: Educators Publishing Service.

  • Smith, Jennifer.  Dyslexia Wonders: Understanding the Daily Life of a Dyslexic from a Child’s Point of View.



How Difficult Can This Be?: The F.A.T. City Workshop – Understanding Learning Disabilities (PBS, 70 min, Rated Not Rated)  Richard Lavoie creates a workshop that dramatizes a classroom setting and leads the viewer through teaching exercises that don’t work for dyslexic learners. By demonstrating the traditional kind of teaching methods that cause frustration, anxiety, and tension (F.A.T.) in children with disabilities, Lavoie conveys a challenged child’s perspective. Recommended for students, teachers, other school personnel and parents/caregivers of dyslexic learners.

Journey into Dyslexia (approx. 77 min, rating TVG)  HBO Documentary Films.  Journey into Dyslexia is a valuable tool for educators, parents, and children alike. The film provides a deeper understanding of dyslexic students’ issues with traditional schooling, as well as insight into kids who have been recently diagnosed and what they face when separated from their “normal” peers in today’s educational system. Recommended for students, teachers, other school personnel and parents/caregivers of dyslexic learners.


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