Math Remediation

WILDD’s remedial math program is designed to assist students with dyslexia/SLD, as well as students who may have gaps in their foundational math skills. Our math instruction follows WILDD’s core methods, meaning that it is sequential, systematic, and engages the learner using multiple senses. We are able to engage in multisensory math instruction by using “digital manipulatives,” such as those displayed below, alongside the adaptive technologies used by all of our students.

Rather than focusing on specific school subjects or assignments, Math Remediation instruction is designed to help our students build number-sense and general mathematical understanding. With one-on-one, personalized instruction, you or your child can address knowledge gaps and prepare to move ahead in math learning.

Fig. 1: Examples of WILDD’s digital manipulatives on a student’s math workboard

Can I work on math schoolwork with a Math Remediation instructor?

Math Remediation instruction differs from typical math tutoring in that we do NOT work on specific math subject work or test prep. Instead, math remediation focuses on reviewing and building foundational math skills so that our students can better understand their current and future mainstream math instruction.

Who can take Math Remediation?

  • Students of all ages
  • Students with OR without dyslexia/SLD
  • Those experiencing long-term difficulties with math, and/or those with gaps in basic math knowledge

Can I take Math Remediation and another WILDD course at the same time?

This largely depends on the student. Please contact our office to discuss you or your child’s specific learning needs.

How will I meet with my Math Remediation instructor?

Every student at WILDD meets individually with their instructor in real-time via video conferencing software. Students and instructors are able to see and hear each other, and can work together simultaneously off of a shared online whiteboard. Students will never complete offline or out-of-class assignments as a part of their instruction at WILDD. (See “Technical Requirements” for more information about necessary equipment.)