Our Approach

CLASS™ is an academic therapy model first developed by WILDD’s co-founder and special education teacher, Ervin Carpenter, in the early 1980’s, and grew out of his own personal experiences with dyslexia and his 30 years of experience as a special education teacher.

WILDD’s method is rich in simultaneous multi-sensory techniques and phonological awareness.  It successfully remediates language deficits (including helping the brain develop new neural pathways), and advances beyond traditional Orton-Gillingham instruction to secure academic independence.  It begins by focusing on the structure of language and gradually moves toward reading, with each lesson building upon the preceding lesson. CLASS™ also provides immediate feedback and a predictable sequencing that integrates reading, writing, penmanship, and spelling into one logical body of knowledge.

CLASS™ includes uniquely integrated strategies to address confidence issues that are often endemic in dyslexic learners who have gone undiagnosed for a significant amount of time.CLASS™ has consistently been updated as scientific studies on the dyslexic brain advance, and new scientific information about dyslexic learners becomes available.

Aspects of the CLASS™ model are rooted in the instruction first developed by neuropsychiatrist and pathologist Samuel T. Orton and psychologist Anna Gillingham, based on their pioneering work in the 1920’s with individuals who failed to establish appropriate cerebral organization to support the association of visual words with their spoken forms.

Through individualized and customized one-on-one instruction with CLASS™ instructors, WILDD’s program teaches to mastery and develops a forever toolkit learners draw on for a lifetime of opportunities they may have otherwise thought impossible.