How & Why WILDD Works

“Life changing!”

WILDD employs highly trained instructors (not tutors), certified to provide WILDD’s academic therapy using the  Carpenter Language Achievement and Strategies System™ (CLASS™).  CLASS™ is a unique form of evidence-based academic therapy that works with the dyslexic learner’s brain, providing the tools necessary to create an independent learner. While we employ CLASS™ across the board, we never use exactly the same lessons for any two clients.  We develop personally-tailored plans that fit our clients’ needs and educational goals. Our goal is to develop a forever toolkit which learners can draw upon for the rest of their lives. 

What to expect: 

When beginning a program with WILDD, assessment tests are conducted in order to measure multiple aspects of the client’s current educational status: learning patterns, reading, spelling, grammar and math deficits, and overall functioning level. These assessment tests not only act as a benchmark to measure progress and success, but also function as road maps to help guide us in building your own personal program.

This process then kicks off the instruction for the client in the necessary academic areas that are determined by the initial assessment.  We pride ourselves in our personalized approach and attribute that to our WILDD success with clients.


WILDD employs CLASS™, an academic therapy model developed by former special education teacher, WILDD co-founder, and dyslexic learner, Ervin Carpenter in the early 1980’s.  CLASS™ has been consistently updated as scientific studies on the dyslexic brain advance and new scientific information about dyslexia becomes available.

CLASS™ is rooted in the instruction first developed by neuropsychiatrist and pathologist Samuel T. Orton and gifted educator and psychologist Anna Gillingham, based on their pioneering work in the 1920’s with individuals who failed to establish appropriate cerebral organization to support the association of visual words with their spoken forms.

CLASS™ is rich in simultaneous multi-sensory technique and phonological awareness.  It successfully trains the brain to develop new pathways, resulting in working around language deficits, This method advances beyond traditional Orton-Gillingham instruction to secure academic independence.

CLASS™ instruction begins by focusing on the structure of language and gradually moves toward reading, with each lesson building upon the previous one. The method provides immediate feedback and a predictable sequence that integrates reading, writing, penmanship, and spelling as one logical body of knowledge.  CLASS™ includes uniquely integrated strategies to repair self-confidence which is often damaged in un-diagnosed dyslexic learners.

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