Veteran Program

WILDD was founded in 2005 by a disabled Veteran, Ervin Carpenter.  He and his wife, Kim, have been working with Chapter 31 Counselors and Veterans ever since.  Over the years, Erv developed his Carpenter Language Achievement & Strategies System (CLASS™) which has helped numerous Veterans do exactly what Erv did–earn their degree and succeed in a career. So, if you are struggling with reading, spelling, written expression, or math, or have enrolled in a community college or college curriculum and dropped out due to low grades, WILDD is here to help.

We are so very proud and grateful that we can give back to the veterans who do so much for our country. Here is what one Veteran had to say about his experience with the WILDD program:

“I can envision my goals. Now my day is filled with symbols that make letters that make words that make sentences that I can understand. Before I could spell, I would just mumble my way through. I can read and understand to a greater degree.” -Neal S., WILDD Client

WILDD prides itself on providing one-on-one, personalized instruction for every learner to tailor learning to fit you where you are, at your own best speed. While learning takes time and requires effort of everyone, WILDD instructors respect and care about each person they work with. They help you build a forever toolkit for lifelong success; they are consultants in your growth, not judges of your performance. We are in this together.

Learn more about why WILDD works or contact us for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!