WILDD’s Core Strategies

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  • At WILDD, our goal is help you create your personal forever toolkit, equipping you to succeed, preparing you to compete with your peers in school and in the workforce.   
  • Thanks to recent advances in technology, WILDD GLOBAL™  is available anywhere, anytime. WILDD GLOBAL™ online is equally effective as our on-site services by allowing both learners and instructors to interact face-to-face, in real time, with simultaneous multi-sensory instruction.
  • WILDD provides personalized one-on-one learning, so you progress at your own best pace. At WILDD, we keep you at the center of your own development.  
  • Through this program, WILDD provides research-developed and evidence-based academic therapy that builds resiliency and successfully remediates language deficits associated with dyslexia and learning disabilities.
  • The CLASS™ program (Carpenter Language Achievement and Strategies System™) teaches the brain to work differently. This program retrains the brain to use alternative paths to get the job done.
  • CLASS™ was developed by co-founder and executive director, Ervin Carpenter, who went undiagnosed with dyslexia until he was 32. He then became a special education teacher for over 30 years, and developed this program out of his own personal and professional experience.  It took a non-reader to figure out what non-readers need to learn to read. Erv’s passion is to see all kids be able to read and succeed, especially those as challenged as he is.
  • Retraining the brain does happen, with consistent and guided attention. Depending on the starting point, results can be seen within a few months, and fuller remediation may develop over a one to three year period. 
  • At WILDD, we know this from experience—we see the results in our students all the time, and have seen it throughout our ten years of testing results.

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  • Call or email Erv Carpenter to set up a free consultation meeting to map out your next steps. Phone: 1-608-824-8980, M-Th, 8-4:30pm; Friday, 8-12pm; or email WILDD to set up a meeting at WILDD@wildd.org .